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Mental retardation is not a disease which can be cured by medicines, Irrespective of caste ,creed and status anyone of us can have a mentally challenged child. The basic purpose and objective of the institute is to create an environment where these  children  can feel and treated like a normal human being and can involve  themselves in creative activities which could provide them some skills and a purpose to live their life happily and feel free from inferiority  complex.
In addition to provide a homely atmosphere for these children, UP parents Association and Asha Jyoti School is actively involved in the following.
To prompt the general welfare of the differently abled in the state of Uttar Pradesh regardless of the degree of handicap, regardless of caste, creed or community etc.
To development better understanding of the needs of the differently abled citizens through mass media, publication etc.
To secure for differently abled the benefit of care and treatment appropriate to their disability, education and training and to encourage the development of statutory and voluntary efforts on their behalf.
To advise and aid parents in the solution of their problem and to coordinate their efforts and activities.
To facilitate training program for the parents of the differently abled children.
To assist in organizing training and development centers for the differently abled of all age.
To serve as an information Bureau for the collection, complication and dissemination of information related to the welfare of the differently abled.
To organize symposiums, seminars, conferences and exhibitions both regional and on all India basis.
To organize awareness programmes for parents, siblings.
To publish newsletters, periodicals, booklets for the benefit of the differently abled and their family.
To development a better understanding of the problems of  differently abled and to cooperate with all public, private and religious agencies and professional groups and organization national and international in the furtherance of these objectives.
To affiliate, associate and to cooperate with any other association having objectives altogether or in part similar to those of this association.
To promote legislation for the welfare of the differently abled.
To approach the government and other organization for necessary statutory protection and help for differently abled citizens.
To take up the issue of trusteeship scheme and life insurance benefit for the differently abled children.
To solicit funds and to acquire property for the accomplishment of the above purposes.
To do all such acts as may be deemed incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above aims and objectives.
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